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First Advisory is the leading technologic platform in the private insurance market. It is well known for providing innovative solutions, redefining insurance distribution and promoting its innovation with the aim of creating value for banks and insurance companies.
Through a technological platform capable of evolving traditional distribution channels into new generation channels, it creates a new business model, based on the digital co-distribution in an open architecture. ”

A winning proposition

First Advisory's offer

A tech-platform that allows distribution partners to have direct access to a wide range of highly customised private insurance solutions in response to the specific needs of customers.


Its neutral position guarantees no conflict of interest between partners and First Advisory.


Long-term relationships with distribution partners and insurance companies guarantee benefits for all stakeholders.


First Advisory's distribution partners have access to a proprietary digital platform for all Middle and Back Office activities.


First Advisory is fully compliant with the Italian and European Regulatory Framework, in line with MiFID II and IDD requirements.


The intermediation of significant masses allows First Advisory to obtain favorable conditions from the insurance companies on the products offered.

FA Suite

FA Suite is the proprietary digital platform through which the exchange of data and documents between insurance companies and distribution partners happens simply and securely. FA Suite allows access, among others, to:

  • A commercial dashboard
  • Digital underwriting processes
  • Documents repository

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